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Moreangels M. Mbizah PhD

Founder & Executive Director | Wildlife Conservation Action

I am a conservation biologist and I have been working in wildlife conservation for more than a decade. I am also a consultant, wildlife conservation researcher and natural resource management expert. I am currently working at the intersection of conservation and community development and promoting human-wildlife coexistence and improved community livelihoods. I am passionate about inspiring the next generation of conservation leaders



Debshan Research


Predator research in Zimbabwe is still predominantly carried out in national parks, however private land can potentially provide suitable habitat for their conservation therefore it is essential to increase research in these landscapes so as to come up with practical solutions to conservation problems.


Nyaminyami Human- 


Co-existence Project

In human dominated landscapes coexistence between humans and wildlife can only be achieved when loss of human life and livelihoods (crops and livestock) to wildlife is reduced. The project’s vision is to restore wildlife populations that benefit communities living in the Sebungwe landscape of north western Zimbabwe.


My work and journey in conservation has been shared on various platforms.


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I have talked about my work on various platforms including at the TED Conference.